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CTE, Concussion Damage Isn't Just A Concern For Seniors

Some players are under the mistaken impression that the dangers of head trauma related injuries experienced in playing football, including CTE, are something they don't need to worry about until their senior years. Science says that they are wrong.

Because CTE requires post-mortem examination of the brain post-mortem, many players live with the symptoms and don't realize the actual cause. Older retirees may associate it as a normal result of aging.

However, a number of retired players have already come forward suffering from symptoms such as dementia or unusual memory loss, consistent with the CTE diagnosis. In some cases, the players have received a diagnosis of ALS but the systems are consistent with CTE.

Am important concern is this: in 34 players that have come forward, the age range varies greatly, from 37 to 80. Its important that players of all ages concern themselves with the potential results of the head trauma, even if they don't yet show symptoms.

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