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The Health Effects of NFL Football Concussions on Players

At it's core, the NFL Concussion Settlement is based on the injuries which concussion and repeated head trauma can cause.

Players may exhibit some or all of the symptoms related to concussions and repeated head trauma. Understanding these symptoms can help alert individuals and their families to potential damage and push them to seek ongoing medical help.

Symptoms commonly associated with head taruma include:

- Constant Headaches

- Memory Loss

- Dizziness

- Disorientation

- Slurred Speech

- Aggressive Behavior

- Blackouts

- Depression

- Fatigue

Suicidal thoughts often accompany these symptoms.

We urge all players and their families to take these symptoms seriously when discovered.

It should be noted that symptoms may recurr and often get worse over time. The current National Football League NFL Concussion Settlement is to address compensation issues for former and retired players.

Because of the complexity of the settlement, we believe it is critical to retain a highly skilled lawyer who is knowledgable about the cases and help you maximize your settlement.

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