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Should Players Without Symptoms Register For The NFL Concussion Settlement?

So you're a former NFL player and you don't have any of the symptoms that other players have been complaining of having. Or your symptoms are mild and you only have one or two. Should you even bother with registering for the NFL Concussion Settlement?

ABSOLUTELY. The challenge of damage cause by head trauma is that it can take 8-10 years for the symptoms to manifest. And symptoms tend to get worse as time goes on. Just because you don't show any symptoms now doesn't mean they won't show up later. You need to protect yourself against that possibility.

You and your family could face substantially increased healthcare costs. You may also face decreased capacities that reduce your future income.

In addition to registering for the National Football League Concussion Settlement, you should also consider hiring legal counsel to assist with your claim. Having a highly skilled attorney represent your interests offers a number of benefits. Part of that is to understand the details that can maximize your outcome including the financial compensation and the medical care you receive.

Registration for the settlement ends August 7, 2017. We can help you with the many required to participate in the settlement program.

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